Citrus Caviar

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gilt Taste

fingerlime from Mikuni Wild Harvest

I saw these finger limes on Gilt Taste today. It’s something I’ve never seen before and until recently, these limes were only available in Australia and New Zealand. These were grown in Southern California by Mikuni Wild Harvest, a company trusted by some of the nation’s top chefs.

You can buy 40-60 finger-sized limes for roughly $33+$10 for shipping.

They keep for 10-14 days.

According to the website you can “split one open lengthwise and spoon out a few pearls. As with caviar, the tiny beads inside pop in your mouth, releasing a splash of bright, tart juice.”

I would love to try these, so hopefully it will still be available when I get back to the States. I would sprinkle them over a fruity sorbet or top off a taco. They’re fun and colorful to serve. If you’re having guests, they will definitely be impressed no matter how they’re served.

Wiki page to learn more!

Pulp taken from multiple limes at Wild Fingerlime


Photos from Gilt Taste and Wild Fingerlime






Summer in Taiwan

June 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

I will be spending most of my summer in Taiwan. The weather is awful and will only worsen as the summer progresses. It’s sunny, 90 degrees with over 50% humidity everyday. So why visit? The food is amazing.

Taiwan is the little red dot next to China

Taiwan is located about 75 miles off the coast of mainland China. Its culinary influences come mostly from various parts of China, Japan and the natives of the island (to learn more about why). Because of its location and weather, it harvests the best tropical fruits. It also is home to the Les Masters de la Boulangerie (aka world cup of baking) 2010 Master Baker champion, Wu Pao-chun.

my favorite potstickers at a local food stand

Taiwan has roughly 23 million people with about 90% of its population following Buddhism or Daoism. I grew up in a strict Daoist family, which is why I was raised vegetarian. Though most people in Taiwan are not vegetarian, there seems to be a high percentage of people who are compared to the U.S. I’ve had the best and most varied vegetarian foods in Taiwan. For foodies, including vegetarians and vegans, it’s a culinary paradise.

fresh mango shaved ice

I will be traveling to multiple Asian countries this summer, but mostly remain in Taiwan. My posts will center on the accessibility and location of vegetarian foods along with any recipes I make.


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