Nutrition: The Basics

What should you be eating?

Before I started focusing on a healthy diet, I thought I knew what wasn’t good for me.

What I learned surprised me. The stuff that I thought was healthy was just as bad as the unhealthy foods. In fact, they were worse because they disguised themselves as “good for you” foods.

I’ve listed some basic guidelines and the recommended amounts of what we should be consuming.

The Nutrition Label

Took this from the FDA website with great tips on how to read the label. To learn more, click here.

Sodium (daily max either 1500 mg or 2300 mg)

source: SodiumConsumptionBrief2010

2300 mg (1 teaspoon of salt/day)

I’m healthy, my blood pressure is regular, I’m not of African-American decent and I’m under 40.

1500 mg (2/3 teaspoon of salt/day)

I have high blood pressure, I’m African-American decent or I’m over 40.


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