2011 Food “Pyramid”

June 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

2011 new food “pyramid”

I remember growing up with the 1992 version of the food pyramid and had no idea there was another version after. The 2005 version was not publicized, unclear and looked tacky (what’s new). Today launches the start of the new version. It’s definitely more visually appealing, but still lacks clear direction. Will this be a better guide? A better question- will people care?

A visual history of the USDA food guide


What the Europeans are doing.

New York Times article




§ 2 Responses to 2011 Food “Pyramid”

  • mitch says:

    It’s more clear to me since it’s a visual representation of a plate of food and what proportion of each food group you should eat. But the problem isn’t knowing what to eat. Everyone knows you should eat more veggies, less sugar/fat, etc. – it’s having the time to prepare a healthy meal.

    Having said that, I know a lot of people who eat out most meals (me included) because of convenience and there really isn’t a place where you can get healthy “fast” food. Why don’t such places exist?

    • I think there are definitely more healthy fast food places popping up, but most of America doesn’t eat that way. Also, in most cases, it’s more expensive to provide better food. I think there is a growing demand, but all these ideas are still fairly new to a lot of people.

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