Artisanal LA event

April 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last year marked the first year of the Artisanal LA event, which brings together local vendors from Los Angeles. It was there that I discovered my favorite chocolatier- chocovivo. Delicious! The absolute best chocolate I have ever had. I’m a fan of pure dark chocolate.
“We stone grind our chocolate using lava stones just how it was done over 2000 years ago.  It’s minimally processed to maintain the purity and nutritional value.  Our chocolate is made fresh every week. We don’t use any flavorings, extracts or additional cacao butter.  It is 100% whole bean chocolate using whole ingredients.” -chocovivo website


I’m so happy that I found chocovivo! Though the price is on the higher end at $6 for under 3 ounces, I’d rather eat chocolate more infrequently if I can have this chocolate.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to the event this year. I will be in New York! I’m there for a week to check out my future culinary school- The Natural Gourmet Institute. This is where some of the best veg and vegan chefs trained. I will also be meeting Chef  Amanda Cohen, who graduated from there and is the chef/owner of Dirt Candy. The only veg chef ever to be invited on Iron Chef. Excited!

photo taken from gothamist

For those of you in town, the Artisanal LA event will be awesome! You should definitely go and check it out! $10 pre-sale and a million free samples when you’re there. Why wouldn’t you?!? Delicious! It’s like Costco, but better and without the lady asking you where your mom is and whether you’re allowed to eat what she’s serving. Or did that only happen to me when I was young? Or was that only at my Chinese dominated Costco. I guess I’ll never know.


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